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About us

Investing that's hard-working, not hard work.

Why choose Alliance Trust

Since 1888, we’ve been helping investors find their comfort zone. Seeking out the best opportunities for returns, while carefully managing risk. That core mission still holds true today.

As one of the UK’s most established investment trusts, we’ve navigated the ups and downs of stock markets time and time again. Through Two World Wars, the Great Depression, and numerous other financial crises. Ensuring investors have a portion of their portfolio (however big or small) they simply don’t have to think about.

How we help you

Designed for steady long-term growth

We’re on a mission to consistently outperform global stock markets (MSCI ACWI). Our multi-manager global equities strategy does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Broad but highly selective

We focus on finding strong companies with the best potential returns from around the world. Covering a whole range of industries and regions.

Aimed at smoothing out highs and lows

We carefully manage our portfolio to make sure you don’t have too many eggs in one basket. Keeping risk under control and avoiding excessive volatility.

A proven dividend track record

We’re committed to increasing your dividends every year.1 And have done for five decades and counting – making us one of the Association of Investment Companies leading ‘Dividend Heroes’.

1. Rising dividends are not guaranteed.

How it works

We believe in bringing you the best of the best. Rather than relying on just one fund manager, we have ten. An elite team with complementary talents - handpicked by a leading investment manager, WTW, to increase opportunity and spread risk.

Between them, they choose no more than 20 top stocks each.2 This highly focused, dynamic approach aims to brings us, and you, the companies with the highest potential returns. Whilst also giving investors the benefit of greater diversification.

A unique, one-stop-shop global equities portfolio, designed to consistently outperform global stock markets.3 And create just the right balance of risk and reward. Plus, WTW’s scale means we’re able to keep costs down for investors. Cutting the amount fees take from your returns.

2. Apart from GQG Partners which also manages an emerging markets mandate of no more than 60 stocks.
3. MSCI All Country World Index.

Where we've won

You don’t just have to take our word for it. Our approach has won awards from a range of independent bodies.

Our board of directors

We’re led by an independent, non-executive board. They make sure we’re always acting in our shareholders’ best interests. Not just as experienced financial experts, but because they’re shareholders too. Aligning their interests with yours.

Their job is to check the Trust is working as it should. Carefully setting business strategy, and selecting and monitoring our investment manager, to always put your interests first.