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Alliance Trust Savings: Change of Ownership
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We are proud to be one of only three investment trusts that has increased its ordinary dividend for more than 50 years.
Our dividend policy

Our current policy is to pay a progressive dividend. We make use of distributable reserves to support this policy. When we have higher levels of income we may retain part of it or pay a special dividend.

By selecting Stock Pickers with distinctive investment styles, we can continue to focus on both income and growth, with the aim of building on our 50-year plus track record of dividend growth.

We have increased our dividend every year for 56 consecutive years, one of only three investment trusts to do so, and have been awarded the Association of Investment Companies’ Dividend Hero award.*

For more information and a full list of qualifying companies, you can visit the AIC website.

*Source: As at May 2022.

The value of Alliance Trust dividends over time

Our aim is to continue delivering a rising dividend year after year as well as capital growth. See the chart below to see what we’ve achieved for investors so far. If you had invested £100 at the start of 1968, you would have £21,806 at the end of 2020 if you reinvested your dividends, and you’d have £5,363 if you did not. 

Discrete Performance (%)
31 Jan 24
31 Jan 23
31 Jan 22
31 Jan 23
31 Jan 21
31 Jan 22
31 Jan 20
31 Jan 21
31 Jan 19
31 Jan 20
Total shareholder return 16.4 3.9 15.7 7.5 15.6
NAV total return 15.8 2.6 17.4 8.2 14.8
MSCI ACWI total return 10.9 0.3 15.9 12.3 15.8

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. The value of shares and the income from them can rise and fall, so investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Net Asset Value (“NAV”) performance is not the same as share price performance and investors may not realise returns in line with NAV performance. All data is provided as at 31 January 2024 unless otherwise stated. *MSCI All Country World Index Net Dividends Reinvested.


Dividend calculator


Build up your shareholding through our Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP). It’s easy to use and gives you the opportunity to reinvest your cash dividends into additional shares.

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Proposed dividends

Typically, we pay dividends at the end of each quarter and proposed dates for this year are:

Dividend period Type Payment date* Ex-dividend Amount/share
First Quarter Interim Ordinary 30 June 2023 01 June 2023 6.18p
Second Quarter Interim Ordinary 29 September 2023 31 August 2023 6.34p
Third Quarter Interim Ordinary 29 December 2023 30 November 2023 6.34p

*Proposed dividend payment dates are for the financial year to 31 December 2023 and are on or around the dates listed.


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.