We are proud to be one of only four investment trusts that has increased its ordinary dividend for more than 50 years.
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Our dividend policy

The Board’s current policy is to pay a progressive dividend. The Board may make use of revenue reserves to support this policy. When we have unanticipated levels of income we may retain part of it or pay a special dividend.

By selecting complementary equity managers, we can continue to focus on both income and growth, with the aim of building on our 50-year plus track record of year-on-year ordinary dividend growth.

Proposed dividends

Typically, we pay our dividends at the end of each quarter.

The third quarterly dividend will be paid to qualifying shareholders as follows:

Payment date - 31 December 2018 
Type – Quarterly Dividend - December 2018
Ex-dividend - 6 December 2018
Amount/Share - 3.39p

Final proposed dividend payment date for the financial year to 31 December 2018 is on or around:

  • 1 April 2019
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AIC Dividend Hero

Alliance Trust has been awarded the AIC’s Dividend Hero award and is proud to have increased its dividend every year for 50 years. This award is made by the Association of Investment Companies to the small number of investment companies who have increased their dividends each year for 20 years or more. For more information and a full list of qualifying companies, you can visit the AIC website.

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