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Alliance Trust Savings: Change of Ownership
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How we invest

We cater for the needs of every generation, offering investors a unique global equity portfolio that aims to both grow your capital and provide you with rising income.

A strong core for every portfolio

Alliance Trust is designed to sit at the heart of every investor’s portfolio. It’s a hard-working core to add to and build around over time.

And while many investment strategies focus on individual countries, sectors and styles, we set out to pick the very best companies wherever they are in the world. In fact, because we’re actively managed, we can seize opportunities for you and act when challenges present themselves - unlike indexed funds.

A unique investment approach, focused on outperformance

Designed to perform

Designed to perform

Our Stock Pickers are asked to select only the stocks they most believe in, creating a diverse portfolio of around 200 stocks aiming to outperform world stock markets.



Our multi-manager approach reduces risk and volatility, smoothing out the peaks and troughs normally associated with a single manager. 

Exclusive access

Exclusive access

Our expert Stock Pickers are carefully selected from around the world. In the UK, retail investors are only able to access their best ideas through Alliance Trust.

Rising Dividend

Rising Dividend

Our policy is to pay investors a dividend that increases every year.

We have delivered this for over 50 years, putting us among the top four of the Association of Investment Companies’ “Dividend Heroes”.

Responsibly managed

Responsibly managed

As long-term investors, we embed environmental, social and governance factors into every stage of our investment process.

Incorporating these factors has the dual benefit of reducing risk while increasing the sustainability of returns.

Competitive cost

Competitive cost

For our investors, high-calibre, active investment management doesn’t need to be expensive.

Our Investment Manager’s scale helps us to keep costs down for investors. Alliance Trust’s target Ongoing Charges Ratio (OCR) is just 0.65% p.a.*

*The OCR target of 0.65% is based on NAV reported as at 31 December 2017 when the target was set.

An investment manager with a strong track record

Our investors benefit from having Willis Towers Watson (WTW), one of the world’s leading investment groups, as our investment manager. WTW has a wealth of experience managing similar global equity portfolios that have outperformed over time.

Our strategy is managed by WTW’s Alliance Trust Investment Committee, which is responsible for selecting, appointing, and managing our Stock Pickers.

WTW are also responsible for blending and balancing overall portfolio risk (at stock, sector and geographical level) as well as implementing any hedging and gearing and stringent cost management.

Investing responsibly for today and tomorrow’s generations

We believe responsible investing gives us rights and responsibilities, and we must make sure our capital is being invested in a way that doesn’t exploit society or the environment. For that reason, the analysis of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors throughout our investment process is important to us. Doing so ensures the companies we invest in take the challenges facing current and future generations seriously, and it reduces risk and drives improved returns for our investors. 

Embedding ESG throughout our investment process

At manager level

Our Stock Pickers integrate ESG considerations into their analysis when selecting stocks for the Company’s portfolio.

Managers also engage regularly with the companies they invest in and use their voting rights to make sure we’re positively shaping their future.

At portfolio level

WTW’s Investment Committee reviews all Manager appointments and stock selections through a strong ‘sustainability’ lens.

WTW meet frequently with the Managers, where they challenge them on ESG and stewardship. The overall portfolio is assessed and monitored by WTW against carbon as well as wider ESG metrics. 

Tackling climate change: read about our commitment to net zero


At company level

WTW employ a world-class engagement specialist (EOS at Federated Hermes).

EOS already represent a wide range of institutions, with over $1.3trn of assets under advice,* this gives their views more weight when lobbying for companies to change, especially when compared to one investor acting alone.

Climate Action 100+**, of which ESO is a member, is an investor-led initiative that launched in December 2017 to ensure the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters take necessary action on climate change. Selected for engagement have been 167 focus companies, accounting for over 80% of corporate industrial greenhouse gas emissions. In 2020 they held a multi-stakeholder call with all the major European oil and gas companies. EOS noted the need for an enhanced focus on positive lobbying by the industry, so that the companies can play a role in the low-carbon transition. EOS raised concerns around leakage of emissions from the sector through divestment of assets, and the need for clear disclosure around the type of capital expenditure and divestiture. Subsequently, EOS had a call with investors to discuss feedback around the benchmarking methodology. It emphasised the need for alignment of capital expenditure with the goals of the Paris Agreement to take a dominant role within the methodology, as it could apply to multiple different strategies. EOS expects this to be core to the methodology, with supplementary assessment criteria for those companies looking to transition.


We regularly publish ESG metrics on our website, ensuring transparency for our investors.


*As at 31 December 2020

** EOS along with our manager Jupiter are signatories of Climate Action 100+ ( and are responsible for direct engagement with companies, which include names like BP, Heidelberg Cement and Suncor


Hear from Craig Baker on our approach to governance