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Investment Manager's report March's commentary

It is one year since the new investment approach was implemented and over that period the equity portfolio has returned 5.7%, outperforming the MSCI ACWI by +2.9%, despite trailing the benchmark marginally by 0.1% in March. For the month of March, the Trust’s total shareholder return, NAV total return and equity portfolio return were -4.9%, -3.9% and -4.0% respectively. The MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) returned -3.9% over the same period.

Volatility continued in global equity markets during March, as fears of a global trade war increased following the US administration’s announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from China, prompting retaliatory tariffs from China. The news that a Brexit transition deal has been agreed led to a c.2.6% appreciation of sterling against the US dollar. As a result, the MSCI ACWI returned its largest monthly loss since August 2015 in sterling terms. We believe that this increased volatility and dispersion in stock return environment provides an ideal scenario for the skilled stock pickers in our portfolio to generate strong long-term returns. We continue to have high conviction in our underlying portfolio managers and we have made no changes to our target manager allocations during the month.

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Alliance Trust has been awarded the AIC’s Dividend Hero award and is proud to have increased its dividend every year for over 50 years. This award is made by the Association of Investment Companies to the small number of investment companies who have increased their dividends each year for 20 years or more. For more information and a full list of qualifying companies, you can visit the AIC website.

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