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Please note that, as of 28 June, Alliance Trust Savings (ATS) is owned by Interactive Investor Limited. If you have any questions about the sale of ATS and what it means for you, please visit ATS’ website*. If you’d like to stay up to date with the Trust’s performance or any news, please sign up below.
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*The brand names ‘Alliance Trust Savings’, ‘ATS’, ‘AT Savings’ and the ‘Alliance Trust Savings’ logo which may appear on ATS’ website are owned by and used with the permission of Alliance Trust PLC, being the previous owner of ATS.

16 December 2020 About Alliance Trust Alliance Trust

A one-stop-shop for global equities

There is a multitude of funds available to DIY investors. From index-trackers to specialist regional or sector funds, investors are faced with almost limitless choice.

But, unless you have the time and confidence to be your own fund manager, building and managing a portfolio can be confusing and lead to expensive mistakes. Alliance Trust aims to do all the hard work for you. We offer a competitively priced, one-stop shop for global equities that provides peace of mind.



The fund is designed to deliver a return over the long term that beats inflation through a combination of capital growth and a rising dividend. Our team of expert fund managers invests in stock markets worldwide, resulting in a balanced equity portfolio which avoids taking bets on any country, sector or investment style outperforming. We just focus on picking the best companies across the whole market.



Returns are driven by the skill of nine top fund managers. Each contributes 10-20 of their most exciting ideas, which collectively make up Alliance Trust’s portfolio. The managers’ high-conviction stock picking approach gives the portfolio strong potential to outperform its index1.



Our team of nine complimentary fund managers is chosen by Willis Towers Watson, who manages over $140bn in multi-manager portfolios worldwide2. And has decades of experience advising some of the world’s largest pension schemes on the best fund managers.



Alliance Trust is the only way UK private investors can gain access to each manager’s concentrated stock picks.



Our multi-manager approach reduces risk and volatility, smoothing out performance peaks and troughs associated with a single manager’s approach to investing.



We ensure the portfolio is responsibly managed by looking beyond today’s profit and loss accounts and give full consideration to environmental, social and governance factors that may affect a company’s prospects.



We’re also proud of our track record of paying rising dividends. Over the years, we have been able to build up significant reserves which we can draw on to sustain our progressive dividend policy for investors. Even in the current Covid-19 environment, when many companies are suspending or cutting dividends to conserve cash, we aim to extend our current 53-year record of increasing dividends in 2020 and beyond.



Finally, we aim to keep costs as low as possible to ensure they don’t eat into your returns. Our ongoing charges ratio at the end of 2019 was 0.62%.



With multiple drivers of return in one fund managed by experts, we believe Alliance Trust could be the only equity investment you will ever need.


1. MSCI All Country World Index. 2. As at 31 March 2020. 3. GQG manages an emerging markets and a global equity mandate for the Company.

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns. Please note the value of investments and any income from them can go down as well as up. Your capital is at risk and you may not get back what you originally invested. 

Notes to Editors: Towers Watson Investment Management Limited (“TWIM”), part of Willis Towers Watson, has approved this communication. This communication is intended for general information purposes only and it should not be considered a substitute for specific professional advice. In particular, its contents are not intended by Willis Towers Watson to be construed as the provision of investment, legal, accounting, tax or other professional advice or recommendations of any kind, or to form the basis of any decision to do or to refrain from doing anything. As such, this material should not be relied upon for investment or other financial decisions and no such decisions should be taken on the basis of its contents without seeking specific advice.

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