28 January 2019 Alliance Trust

CONNECTION: Your quarterly newsletter – Winter edition

An alliance of best ideas

In this Winter edition, Craig Baker, Global Chief Investment Officer at Willis Towers Watson, summarises WTW’s outlook for 2019, discussing the critical role of active management in navigating volatile markets as well as emphasising continued investment in companies with healthy dividend yields.

We also hear from Jennifer Hill, who discusses the many benefits of our portfolio’s strategies, from the viewpoint of three professional shareholders.

Plus, we look at how the Alliance Trust portfolio performed over the last quarter and which stocks have been bought and sold.

As part of our continuing series, we also shine a spotlight on equity managers; Greg Herr and Pierre Py from First Pacific Advisors (FPA) and Hugh Sergeant from River and Mercantile Asset Management. Not only will they be sharing their views on the market, they’ll also be discussing their unique investment strategies.

We hope you enjoy this latest edition of our quarterly newsletter and find it valuable.


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