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The Zone: Your quarterly newsletter - Spring Edition

02 May 2024Insights, Corporate Updates, Performance6 mins read

Alliance Trust

In the Spring edition of your newsletter:

To mark the launch of our updated brand, we have a bumper edition:

  • In Japan, 10 years on from the launch of the NISA (Japan's equivalent of the ISAs), we look at the potential for increasing share ownership among private investors and the impact on the country's resurgent stock market.
  • We examine the six lessons learned from 1,001 ISA millionaires
  • And we look at the potential consequences of  holding too much cash
  • We also have three stock spotlight videos:

    - Andrew Wellington at Lyrical
    - Brian Kersmanc from GQG
    - Jamie Rosenwald from Dalton

We hope you find this newsletter informative and valuable. If you’d like more information on the Trust, please visit or email