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James B. Rosenwald III, Gifford Combs & Shiro Hayashi

Dalton Investments are value investors and Asia experts. Particularly in Japan, where they help clients take advantage of mispriced opportunities in under-researched companies, engaging with managements to extract value for shareholders. As well as their headquarters in LA, the firm has multi-cultural, multi-lingual teams on the ground in Tokyo, HK, Sydney and Mumbai.

James B. Rosenwald III | Co-Founder & CIO

James has a long, and strong, background in Asia-focused investment. He’s been investing in Japan since his teens, when he began working with his grandfather – a peer of Benjamin Graham, the economist who’s widely known as the father of value investing. Before Dalton, he worked for George Soros as an investor in the Korean market.

Gifford Combs | Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Gifford is a founding member of Dalton. For over 39 years, he has skilfully managed equity portfolios. In that time, he’s covered portfolios for U.S. and international institutions, managed a U.S. investment partnership and managed a Pacific and General investments portfolio. He also serves on the board of Cambridge in America (NY) and the Capital, as well as various investment committees. 

Shiro Hayashi | Director of Research

Shiro has 21 years of investment and banking experience. Bringing that to his role as Director of Research and Head of Dalton’s Tokyo research office, Dalton Advisory KK. Before Dalton, he was an equity analyst at SPARX and also worked as an Investment Banker for JP Morgan.  


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