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How we Invest

your money

A level of risk and reward that's just right.

How we invest, in a nutshell

We know investors want decent returns, but without stomach-churning volatility. Which is exactly what we’re here to provide – a hard-working foundation for your portfolio that puts your mind at ease.

Our process


Our investment manager, WTW, has scoured the globe to select ten elite fund managers. All have distinct, but complementary investment styles. This creates a resilient multi-manager portfolio, with different styles bringing different strengths at different times.


The fund managers are asked to choose no more than 20 high-conviction stocks from around the world.1 These are the companies they most believe in, with the goal of maximising potential returns. This combination of diversified, but high conviction, stock selection offers investors a unique global equities portfolio.


WTW continue to actively manage the portfolio. This involves adjusting the amount of money allocated to each fund manager or replacing them where necessary. Making sure the Trust stays balanced across geographies, sectors, styles, and firmly in your comfort zone.

1. Apart from GQG Partners which also manages an emerging markets mandate of no more than 60 stocks.

Our investment principles

We stick to a simple philosophy. One that prioritises rigorous active investment while protecting your peace of mind.

The best of the best

Enjoy exclusive access to the very best customised stock selections from ten world-leading fund managers.

High conviction

Our experienced managers are laser focused. Picking stocks that aim to deliver higher expected long-term returns.

Diversified from day one

Each of our fund managers brings their own style, so you never have too many eggs in one basket.

Meticulously managed

WTW actively manages and monitors the portfolio to ensure it's right on track.

Rising dividends

For almost 60 years, we’ve paid investors a dividend that increases every year – and we intend to continue.

Exceptional value

High-calibre, active investment management doesn’t need to be expensive. Our target Ongoing Charges Ratio (OCR) is less than 0.65% p.a.2

2. OCR target is based on NAV reported as at 31 December 2017 when the target was set.

Our investment committee

When you invest with us, you can rest easy knowing the Trust is managed by one of the world’s leading investment groups. WTW has a wealth of experience managing money for large institutional investors, such as pension funds or sovereign wealth funds.

The team behind our strong track record

The investment committee is made up of Craig Baker as chair with Mark Davis and Stuart Gray as co-portfolio managers. They are supported by a team of 17 equity manager researchers, 12 operational due diligence analysts, four assistant portfolio managers and six portfolio management analysts (as of June 2023).

Ways to invest

Ready to get started? There are lots of ways to invest in Alliance Trust – via an adviser or stockbroker or through a variety of investment platforms.

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Our approach to ESG

Looking deeply at the long term

Looking deeply at the long term

As stewards of approximately £3.9bn of assets (as at 31 March 2024) , we take our responsibilities seriously. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors don’t just have an impact on people and planet, but your long-term financial future too. Which is why we integrate ESG considerations into the process for building and managing the portfolio as a way to manage long-term risks and enhance long-term returns.


Actively petitioning for change

Actively petitioning for change

We believe in active ownership of the stocks in the portfolio. Our managers engage directly with companies to encourage them to adopt best practices; we also employ an engagement specialist, EOS at Federated Hermes, to bolster our stewardship efforts.

Deep into the detail

Deep into the detail

Our fund managers analyse companies’ ESG risks using their own proprietary research and data from independent ESG experts – including EOS at Federated Hermes. We exclude any business that's involved with controversial weapons, as defined by MSCI's index methodology. Or has >50% of its revenue coming from coal power generation or >25% of its revenues from thermal coal mining or sales or oil sands extraction.

On Net Zero

On Net Zero

We have set a long term objective of managing the portfolio to Net Zero by 2050. As part of making process towards our climate objectives, we assess current and potential future stock pickers using climate performance metrics which are aligned with guidelines such as the Net Zero Investment Framework from the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change and the Task Force on Climate-Related Disclosures.