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Alliance Trust PLC - Dividend Reinvestment Plan

As announced in our Annual Report we are pleased to confirm the launch of a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP), which allows you to automatically reinvest your cash dividends into additional Alliance Trust PLC shares.

What is the DRIP?

The DRIP is administered by Computershare Investor Services PLC (‘Computershare’) and provides you with the opportunity to reinvest your dividend payments to purchase additional ordinary shares in Alliance Trust PLC (‘the Company’). Reinvesting your dividend payments can be a convenient and easy way to build up your shareholding.

If you choose to join the DRIP, on payment of a dividend by the Company, Computershare will pool the cash dividend payment to which you are entitled with the cash dividend payments of all other participants in the DRIP. Computershare will instruct a broker to buy as many ordinary shares in the Company as can be bought using the pooled cash dividends (after associated fees and charges have been deducted) and these will be allocated in line with each shareholder’s entitlement. Shareholders are not charged any fees for joining the DRIP but each time Shares are purchased for you, you will be charged a dealing fee of 0.75% of the total price of the Shares purchased, subject to a minimum fee of £2.50. Purchases will be subject to stamp duty reserve tax of 0.5%. Buying existing shares in the market avoids the dilution of existing holdings and provides an efficient and convenient reinvestment option for shareholders, without the Company issuing new shares.

Since only whole shares can be bought under the DRIP, there will usually be a small cash surplus left that is insufficient to buy another whole share. This cash surplus will be carried forward and held in a client money account under the FCA Rules. The cash surplus will be added to future cash dividends for reinvestment in the Company’s shares.

Easy to use

  • New shares are bought on or after the dividend payment date and added to your holding.
  • After your shares are issued, you'll receive a share certificate, share purchase advice and Dividend Confirmation.
  • All charges are detailed in the Terms and Conditions of the plan which can be found on Investor Centre.

N.B. This is an execution only share purchase service and if you are unsure what action to take you should obtain independent financial advice. The value of your investments can go down as well as up.

Once you are fully registered on Investor Centre, signing up for the DRIP takes a matter of minutes. Log in, click 'Update my details', select 'Dividend Plans' and follow the on-screen instruction.

Further details, including the associated fees and charges, are contained in the terms and conditions which are available to view at

Action required

If you wish to participate in the DRIP, you can do so by visiting where you can register and apply online. Once you are fully registered on Investor Centre, signing up for the DRIP takes a matter of minutes. Log in, click 'Update my details', select 'Dividend Plans' and follow the on-screen instruction. If you are a CREST member and you wish to participate in the DRIP you must submit your election using the CREST system.

Log in and sign up for the DRIP today
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